This website was originally created in support of an as an educational tool for legislative efforts initiated by deceased Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming. The intent of the bill he introduced was to have the Snake River Head Waters designated as part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System of which it now is.

We are forever grateful for the Senator’s efforts to protect this pristine natural resource. We recognize that we have this one planet which we share with some 7.2 billion other souls. The responsibility falls to all of us to protect the environment on which we rely on for our very survival as a species. This doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t take advantage of the outstanding recreational opportunity the planet has to offer. We believe everyone should get outside as often as possible and experience the beauty of nature. We only wish bring attention to the need to do so in an responsible way that recognizes our stewardship of the delicate environment.

The site’s primary focus will no longer be on bringing awareness to the Snake River Head Waters. We still intend bring attention to environmental conservation efforts that are important to us, but mainly we hope to focus on providing a forum to share our experiences with other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. We believe by combining these efforts we can expand the reach of conservation efforts that would normally not reach certain audiences. We will attempt to balance important news pertaining to our valuable natural resources in the U.S (and abroad) with entertaining and informative articles for participants in all manner of outdoor activity from fishing to mountain biking.

We enjoy just getting outside and doing. We want to share our experiences enjoying outdoor activities of all types. As outdoor enthusiasts we enjoy sharing our stories with friends and family, we hope to use this site as our forum to share our interests and experiences with a larger audience. We hope that thru this effort we might encourage others to get outside and just do something.

With all that said, please, enjoy the site and return often for updates. If you have any ideas for articles or topics you would like to see covered please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.